Beautyberry Apothecary is proud to offer an array of small-batch, limited-edition, handcrafted herbal remedies made from plants that grow happily and heartily in Florida’s subtropical climate.

Making delicious and heart-centered herbal medicine is one of my most sensual forms of play with the earth. It is my true love and blessed work!  Sustainability is of great importance to me, and I focus on the use of bioregional plants in my medicine, as well as those I grow in my backyard garden as a way to connect folks to the incredible Florida environment and limit environmental footprint. All plant and fungi ingredients are grown without the use of chemicals. The offerings, like the herbs in them, change with the seasons. Each remedy is made with care and intension in order to share the highest quality plant medicine with you!


a call for slow, place-based medicine

The focus of my medicine making practice is creating with the seasons from fresh plants I either grow myself, wild-harvest with care from spots around FL and beyond, or source from other herb gardeners and farmers who grow their crops without the use of chemicals. One hand in the tropics, one hand in temperate North America, herbalism in Florida is uniquely its own, and as a Florida-based herbalist, I aim to shed light on the plants that thrive best in the bioregion I call home.

Crafting herbal products slowly and with what’s available seasonally pushes me to be resourceful and creative, a fun challenge for my active mind and heart. It offers an alternative to the commodification of plant medicine on the global market - plants are living beings that require great resources to grow, most of which are exhaustible. The plants that grow in our yards our just as valuable as those that grow across the world, arguable more valuable.

Slow, place-based medicine offers provides me an opportunity to create relationships with the plants and places I harvest from, whether it be annuals in my garden or old trees that are dear to my heart. Plant medicine is surely more than the constituents of each plant, and making medicine slowly allows me to tell the story of each remedy. An important overarching goal of my work is to link people to place and land in order to foster greater connection with and stewardship for the non-human world through the joy of herbs. I hope these seasonal offerings will help you to feel more deeply the magic of the green world that's our very birthright to behold! 


What is bioregional herbalism, you ask?

Bioregional herbalism is the practice of using the medicinal plants and fungi that grow and thrive in your local natural community (bioregion) as a way to support your health, vitality, and well-being. Bioregional herbalism stems from the concept that a truly holistic healing modality draws at least in some part from the natural resources within one’s local area. Teaming up with the herbs growing in my bioregion (Southwest Florida) is my way of connecting to the traditions of the area and utilizing what our backyards provide us for free as medicine. Unbeknownst to most, Florida is overflowing with untapped medicine, most of it growing happily in the cracks of sidewalks and on the edges of highways. Bioregionalism is not only a culturally-enriching practice, it also helps people connect, protect, and invest in the land that provides for them.