Looking to learn how to bring your body into balance through the use of plants and fungi? Or simply seeking guidance on how to integrate herbs and nutrition into your lifestyle? I offer one-on-one wellness consultations that focus on providing support through the use of gentle herbs, nourishing foods, and lifestyle changes. 

Initial Intake: $50-75 (sliding scale)

1-2 hours, in-depth look at your health history; will offer herbal, nutritional, and lifestyle suggestions

Follow up appointments: $30

about 1 hour in length; check-in to discuss previous protocols, tweak remedies, and offer new ideas

my philosophy of care: 

The focus of my care is gentle, self-empowered nourishment. With that, I aim to support my clients as they move through states of imbalance and dis-ease through nourishing foods, well-chosen herbs and flower essences, lifestyle changes, and care for the emotional body. My particular focus is using food as medicine and encouraging the integration of herbs into daily ritual through food and drink. 

Having been a patient of many practitioners myself, I strive to create a safe relationship with clients that fosters true care and understanding, and to remain mindful of what is accessible, manageable, and affordable. I honor illness as an opportunity to slow down, listen to one’s body, and engage more deeply with one’s needs and the natural processes that provide for those needs. It is my true belief that through alignment of lifestyle, nourishment, and joy, the human body can and does heal itself. It is through this belief that I hope to empower my clients to take charge of their health in the pursuit vibrant vitality and wellness. 

What does an herbal wellness consultation look like? 

An herbal wellness consultation is a in-depth conversation about your current state of health and overall health goals. The initial appointment runs about two hours. During this time together, I will ask you questions about the imbalances you wish to address, your health history, and your lifestyle as a way to asses your overall wellbeing and pair you with well-suited remedies. After our discussion, I will offer a combination of: herbal remedies, flower essences, and nutritional and lifestyle suggestions. If available, I will source the herbal remedies from my own apothecary. If I am unable to do so, I will direct you toward reliable sources. My apothecary remedies are available at separate pricing. If your imbalance is beyond my scope, I will say so upfront, and refer you to a more experienced professional. Integrity is a key part of my practice!

I am available for appointments in the Sarasota and Tampa Bay areas, and offer Skype consultations to far-away folks.

Important note: as an herbalist I offer education and information about healthy diet, lifestyle, and the historical use of herbs in the hopes to empower my clients to be well. I am not a licensed medical practitioner, and therefore do not treat, diagnose, or cure any disease or illness, and/or provide therapy, or prescribe medication under law. Thank you for your understanding. I hope this is the beginning of a rewarding educational relationship!